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The Sign of Design

We took a weekend off and went to the river with family. I wanted to take the bus this weekend but it just wasn’t where I wanted it to take it on the road yet – so we left her at home. I did have the time left today to do a rough install of the new LED flashers on the front/top of the bus. We’ve bypassed the bus’s flashers and power supply and have these powered by the solar system and they have a wireless remote for different patterns. I took the TV down from the front of the bus so I can finish installing the 110v plugs from the inverter/switch and get the rest of the wiring in and organized for the CB & scanner and all the other LED switches and controls that will be installed in that area. On to tomorrow!

Solar Powered LED Flashers

I got the bed lifts in the other day. Our bedroom, a very cozy space in the back of our bus right next to the garage, will be our little sanctuary. We are excited about the storage opportunity under the bed as it is. There is a large trunk sized area towards the foot of the bed that will be able to store large items, extra bed cloths, shoes & boots and whatever else we can cram in there. I have a set of doors that open into the kitchen hallway into the same storage area that you can open to access the compartment without lifting the bed as well.

The rest of the two thirds of the area under the bed holds out 42 gallon water supply tank. The pumps, one for the cold/drinking water and one for the solar heated water will both be mounted next to the tank and towards the open rear for easy access to the filters.

The 2x 200 amp hour (total of 400 amp hours) batteries, charge controller, 12/24v step-ups converter and 5,000/10,000 inverter are all installed conveniently out of the way in this area as well.

The bed lifts are from and feature 210lbs. of lifting support. They were very easy to install and the deck mounted right on top with no problems.

Now it’s going to be time to build up our individual storage/desk areas on each side of the bed and begin routing water supply and solar circuits throughout the bus, it’s going to start whizzing to life and be a force of its own!


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