Hybrid hot water system parts are coming in!

I’ve gotten some of the parts in for the hybrid (but fully sun-powered) 5 gallon solar hot water heater system we are installing in Leauxie.

The big Shurflo pump is our main pump for water to the shower and sink in the system. There is a secondary (lower flow) pump that will deliver water from the hot water side of the system. The small tan pump is a circulation pump that will pump water continuously in a loop through a copper coil solar collector. The water heater element pictured is a 24 volt element driven off of a 12v to 24v step up converter (30A – 750w) that will be powered from the 12v end of our charge controller on the 1kW solar panel array which can be used at night or on more cloudy days where the solar collector is not as efficient. This will all be used in a 5 gallon black steel drum which I will have to install all the bulkheads in to get the water in and out that will be mounted on the mezzanine on top of the bus. The tank itself will act as a solar collector in this case while in the sun. I haven’t seen a system quite like this that utilizes differing systems in one but I truely believe we will have some nice hot water – continually heated by the sun, one way or another. We’re going to take the day off for Father’s Day today but… have no fear – parts will be going together and updates coming out as progress happens!

Happy Camping!

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