In the skoolie today…

Today was another productive day working on our Leauxie.  Most of the kitchenette framing went in and we’re really liking the way it is falling together.  The stove and spice rack will start right behind the driver’s seat.  I built the counters a little deeper than usual to provide for a bit of outer space behind the appliances – above the counter and below.  Behind the stove will be an approximate 10″ stone/tile surface able to accept hot pans without burning the surface.  Next to the stove is an elevated cutting/prep station which will house our refrigerator below.  There is about 12″ of space under the counter and behind the fridge that will house systems and equipment such as on demand water heating equipment/electrical and/or water filtration.  Next to the fridge, between the sink, will be a three drawer storage area for silverware, utensils, rags and various items as such and a larger drawer on bottom for more bulky items.  Each drawer is getting 2 ball bearing slides capable of holding 130lbs and that extend a total of 22 inches.  The sink is next, lowered to window height and will drain into a 30 gallon grey tank under the bus.


A little fun was added as well with a 32″ Samsung Smart TV complete with Blu-Ray player, Apple TV and an HDTV broadcast antenna, so I can have some entertainment going while building this thing out (also, we’re putting a LOT of science into this thing with addressable LED strip lighting, networking capabilities, solar power and power conversion systems so I need to get a lot of wiring into the walls while they are open).


Check out the forum for more info!

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