Kitchen counter work…

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We finished the basic framing on the kitchen cabinets today and started blocking in the multi-leveled counter/prep tops. That’s the fun part, the organic building and using left over materials, we can make multi level/multi use areas. We have an elevated prep surface over the fridge, the sink cut out is being made into a stove cover (we will make it pretty with 2-part epoxy and mica). There is a small counter surface next to the sink with room for small plants in front of the windows and an enlarged area around the sink just because we wanted to make it so.

…got the black steel drum in today (10 gallon – not 5 gallon like I stated in a previous post…) as well, it is the holding tank for our solar collector/24v electric hot water system.

Bulkheads will be going in soon and the water system will be started this week.

Also, we installed the CB with handsfree Bluetooth next to the scanner, rounding out the communications department, including a directional King HDTV air antenna at the front of the bus for the main movie lobby! 😉

Stay tuned for details!