Light day on kitchen work…

Today was mostly supply pick up day. We did get a few little parts installed. I’m going ahead and dry mounting all the electronics and fixtures and will run 110v, 24v, 12v, 5v and water supply/drain lines to the places they need to go then finish the walls/cabinets.

We have two hand pumps in the 4 hole sink, one for dish soap, one for hand sanitizer. The faucet is in one and I found a neat little trick item from Glacier Bay that has a little button on a wire that pops the strainer up & down without having to reach into the sink water. …hey, I needed something to use the fourth hole for.

I put up a couple pieces of framing to start building the upper cabinets on and started fitting some of the drawer slides for our base storage cabinet. I picked up some of the fittings to begin building the solar collector water heater but really, I need to build the deck of the mezzanine on top the bus before I can really install any of that or the 4-250w solar panels. Soon, soon…

I was able to find a good deal on the FB marketplace on a Boss BV9759BD stereo that will integrate our camera systems on the bus and serve as our sound system for party time in the main theater lobby in front of the kitchen.

…gotta have the musics! I know the sound reactive addressable LEDs will love it when they get to pulse.

That’s about all for today. Tomorrow I have to fix a messed up gutter on the back of the building but, I’m sure we will get to screw or glue something to the bus.


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