It was a SOLAR day!

Well, today the solar panels went on top of the bus. They are mounted on hinges attached to 2″ angle iron bolted through the aluminum ribs of the bus frame. The hinges are to be used to tip one side or the other towards the sun – wherever that might be. There are (4) 250w panels for a total of 1kW. Brackets for solar panel hinges.

It wasn’t terribly hard to line everything up and mount it on the angle iron. I laid it all out on the ground and fit it – then carried the pieces up and bolted it all down through the rubs that make up the frame of the bus body. The hinges will allow us to raise either side towards the sun.

Equipment hookup coming soon, maybe some tomorrow if I can get the bulk of the bed frame built. The 400 amp hour bank is balanced on both sides of the 42 gallon water tank which is situated underneath the bed which will raise up on struts for maintenance and access of the science system.


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