Week of Adulting…

Well, it was a busy week taking care of business responsibilities and doing the adult stuff that makes life go, BUT – it’s Saturday, with a heat index of 113° and what better day to get back inside the bus and start bolting and glueing and screwing things together!

After taking care of our AirBnB guests for the week, finding piles of things to liquidate on Craigslist/eBay, mowing, and all that stuff I did get to go out for a couple hours here and there to play a little.

I “hooked up to test” (versus “installed” as it’s just hanging from the shelf right now), one of the LED light drivers that will control, at least – the addressable LED in the windshield.  The controller is a little unit I picked up off Amazon called the Colorful X2.  It’s a small unit with a touch remote that is sound reactive if you run an audio source through it’s 3.5mm jack.  The two:

1M 144 LEDs (WS2812B)

Individually Addressable LED Strips


…are attached directly above the windshield and are fun for parties, gathering or for simple personal enjoyment at 3am.  🙂

For today’s short update (because… I gotta get out there in that heat and get to werk…) I will include a short video of what it looked like last night for the first time trial, just to see what it looked like.

Today, I’m hoping to get the bed lifts attached so basically, ALL of the interior framing is in place and I can start routing the wiring and plumbing from the solar collector, solar panels to battery bank and supply & drain lines for the wet bath and kitchen sink.  This beast is going to start coming alive next week, as long as I don’t cook to death inside.

Here’s what it looked like:

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