Paint Prep Peculiarities

It was the perfect day to tackle painting seriously. I knew there were lots of things to remove and clean and sand and expected to be able to do a first coat before the end of the day. You’d think my lifetime of making stuff would have given me the experience to know that wasn’t going to be the case but I’m eternally optimistic in thinking I can conquer the world in a day. …boy was I wrong.

I removed the mirrors (both sets), the turn signals, flashers, marker lights and headlights along with the hood latches and little steps and bars that you climb on to wipe the windshield.

Everything was sanded down to 220 and washed afterwards.

I’m not going to use the front mirrors on the bus so I will repurpose the mounts to mount my antennas higher up on the bus and am going to Bondo the grooves wore in the hood by the mirror bases and their holes and make them disappear before painting.

The fenders were removed for a thorough cleaning and sanding for a clean finish.

(mirror mounts being reused as antenna/camera mounts)

Happy scooters ready to be in their garage in the back and on the road!

We definitely need new nests for the headlights! (they’re on the way now)

I have a pretty big pile of parts on the deck out back. There’s an even bigger pile of parts to be added to the bus in the basement though. Lana has some detailing to do and I can’t wait to see how it looks when we start putting all the freshly finished parts back together!

I don’t even know where to begin organizing the staging area in the basement but do have a pretty good idea of where things are so when I come to a specific time to bolt on or hook up a specific thing – I can actually find it fairly easy, believe it or not!

The good thing is, I’m ready to get that first coat on but, that’s going to be tomorrow at the best, it took all day just to remove and prep the front end alone. It’s going to be totally worth it in the end though. …on to tomorrow!

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