50” Auxbeam RGB LED Lightbar Installed

Today I was able to start my Labor Day Weekend, yes… at 3pm on Monday! I spent the last week rehabbing a room in our studio to become our new bedroom since we decided to move out of our house and put it up for rent. Then we spent all weekend moving so – there hasn’t been much time to work on the bus but, the hard part is over and since the bus is out in the backyard here at the studio, hopefully there will be a LOT more bus time – especially when we get everything a little more settled around here as far as the regular living stuffs go.

I was happy to have the afternoon to play with Leauxie though and she got a new solar powered 52″ Auxbeam RGB LED lightbar. Instead of running it off the electrical system of the bus this bar runs off our 2 200Ah batteries. I also mounted the porch light… I was able to find a couple 12v lightbulbs on Amazon with the standard A15 base (like a usual lightbulb) and run them off the solar system as well.

So… here are a couple little videos detailing the glory beheld here this evening:

It’s a short clip but you get the idea!

Here are a couple after it got a little more dark:

I will be making a power station/solar powered drink holder at the back of our dinette table out of an old communications computer rack I was given from a bunch of leftover parts from the university here in Saint Louis. Here are what the preliminary parts look like!

I’ve removed all the circuit boards and will sell them on eBay to fund more experimentation.

I found 12v blue ringed LED cup holders I am mounting in the top of the box (which will be the black surface) and am putting dimmers for the dinette lighting, a 12v voltmeter to display the battery level of the solar system, two 25 amp rated cigarette lighter plugs to run our 12v stove and frying pan at the dinette and a 4 bay USB station (all powered from the solar system) all mounted in the front of the box (the aluminum surface).

I’m looking at adjustable voltage regulators so I might skip the AC converter part of my MacBook’s charging cord and just pump the 14.5 volts at 45 watts it requires straight into it from the battery bank. So, as my buddy Wayne St. Wayne says, “…there’s always projects in progress!”

But first, I gotta bolt two seats back in the bus and do a little cabinetry work! Soon, SOON!

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