Leauxie: Camp Jessop Starlight Lab – Mobile Unit X42

Meet Leauxie (Lucy). Lana and I were finally able to aquire the base ship for our mobile Starlight Lab unit. Painting shall commence shortly with an addition of solar reflective exterior protective pigments and the interior build is beginning currently, to keep the humans and canine comfy whilst in space.


Leauxie is being built on the soul of a 2004 International. Her infinite probability drive is a DT-466 engine w/ an Allison transmission. She is equipped with a lift to easily load the cargo van with essentials and scooters in the rear cargo hold.

Independent power equipment currently procured and awaiting installation includes a 1000 watt solar array (4 – 250w panels) storing a little of the sun for our personal use in 2 – 200 amp hour deep cycle solar storage batteries for a total of 400 amp hours. The charge controller is a SolarMate 60amp MPPT controller chosen specifically for it’s ability to maintain battery life and consistency.

Additional independent power sources also include a 3600 watt Rigid/Subaru powered gas generator to be mounted on the rear deck (once the deck is installed!)

Water storage and conditioning includes a 42 holding tank and a 30 gallon gray water tank. No water will be wasted for the toilet system as we are installing a Nature’s Head composting unit in a wet bath big enough for one sitting human.


This is currently the standing basis of Leauxie, work will continue daily and updates to follow as time allows.


Today lots of parts were made to find the center point. Solar system came off the house and is on location, batteries were loaded and placed. Oh, and for documentary purposes camera mounts were secured. For the last hour of he day the kitchen began being made manifest through mock-up trials.

Lana making goof come off!

June 14, 2018 – picked up the steel stock for the mezzanine that will be an air deck on top of our rig and be the mounting supports for the 4-250w solar panels in our array.

kLana is doing some preliminary painting. Additionally, I started framing in our custom cabinets for the kitchenette. … Having built several bars already, I am pretty excited about the two-part epoxy/Lichtenburg burn filled mica/epoxy/aluminum bar dream that I intend to make manifest sooner than later (with integrated addressable LED strips mind you).

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